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So frustrated with Abeka testing right now

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I ordered the Stanford tests several weeks ago to give to the kids next week. When I ordered, they said they would arrive a week ahead of time. They should have arrived yesterday, but didn't, so I emailed them to ask if they have shipped and what the shipping date was. They replied to say they haven't shipped and will ship them "as soon as possible." :(


I ordered test prep materials as well and planned to use them this week. Dh took the mornings off next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so he could take care of our toddler while I was testing the big kids. If they haven't shipped, I'm guessing they won't get here in time. Our test date is supposed to be April 28th and the norms they use at Abeka say they are supposed to be taken by April 30th for the correct percentiles, etc. (Last time, we used BJU and they had no such deadline for norms). The guy who emailed said not to worry because we have 30 days after our test date to complete and return the tests. But our whole schedule for the next few weeks would have to change, including dh's work schedule, if we have to complete them a different week.


Now I am feeling really rushed and I don't know how we are going to juggle anything. Maybe I should just cancel? Testing is not required for us, but I wanted to do it every two years just to see how things are going. However, I'm not sure it will be accurate if we do no test prep and try to rush through them (if they even get here in time). Ugh! Just frustrated right now. :(

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