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Having trouble loading pages?

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The forum is working well for me, for the most part.


But I'm having an issue when I try to access any link on my notifications or content. It loads the top banner of the forum but under is only a white space.


I can hit the back button and it is normal. Same with trying to read any thread on the main forums, I can see the banner at top, but it only loads a white space. The only thing showing correctly is the main forum pages.


I'm not sure if this will post. I posted in a thread earlier and when I hit post, it only loaded the white space. But I can see in my content that it apparently posted my comment, I just can't click on it. 


Basically nothing is redirecting me to the pages within the forum.

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Okay...now the pages are loading correctly and i can read within a thread, but if I were to try and post I get a "Well Trained Mind Driver Error " message. Let's see if this posts correctly?


I haven't had any trouble with any other website today.


ETA: okay it posted. Still working out kinks with the ads?





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