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NCAA and PA Homeschoolers

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I plan to call today and see what I am told but it seems there is confusion around this online provider.  Has anyone gotten a definitive answer about whether or not they will accept the online AP courses?


It seems like they accept classes through PA Homeschoolers if you are a student in PA and the diploma is coming from PAH.  But whether or not that course is acceptable for the rest of us is unclear in my research.


As I said, I am going to call.  But, it seems like we get conflicting info and it changes without notice so I just thought I'd see what others have been told as well.


My ds is looking at D1 and D2 schools so I'm really trying to keep all my ducks in a row.  But, I have to take the best academic path for him and next year two classes from there seem to be what he needs.  I'm not crazy about the putting myself as teacher of record on everything but I know that is a way. 





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I was told last year when I called, that PA Homeschoolers online classes are in the NCAA database of approved providers and all  classes taken through them would be approved.  However, based on what has happened with K-12, I am listing myself as the teacher of record for every single class.  It is impossible to trust that a class taken and approved by the NCAA today will still be approved when it is time for the student to go through the NCAA Clearinghouse.  The NCAA clearly has never heard of the term "grandfathering."    


I feel angry for the kids who have taken classes with K-12. 

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