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Two kids, two learning styles. How do I cope?

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Hello Hive! I am sure there is someone out there in the same situation I am. I would love some advice or even some commiseration :)


I have two children at the same "grade" level because the elder was held back in kindergarten. This is our first year homeschooling and we have really learned a lot about each other! The thing is… they have very different learning styles. One is a aural, parts to whole learner and the other is a visual, whole to parts learner.


I have separated them in math and spelling, but I just don't have the money/energy to buy them different curriculum or separate them for the other subjects. But it seems like at any given time at least one of them has a lost look on their face. How do I make sure that it is sticking? Should I alternate curriculum approaches each year and hope for the best? Should I double up?



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Hmmm, could you do a daily or weekly review using both approaches, or review with each child separately?


For example, I teach a scripted grammar lesson (FLL) to 3 kiddos simultaneously.  Two of them can recite or quickly explain a definition or concept to show me they understand.  


The third needs to see the sentences written on the white board with different colors for each part of speech, with arrows or sentence diagrams to "see" how all the words relate to each other.  That's when we discuss/review the concept previously learned.


But the teaching of the lesson is exactly the same for each child.


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MiMi- the different colors for different parts of speech is a great idea, I will incorporate that.


In the subjects that we do together, like grammar, we usually take turns reading aloud and following along in our books. I have them read a chapter of whatever book we are reading and then we get together and take turns reading out loud. That seems to help with the visual vs aural learning aspect. 


We are using SM, we do the text separately because one kid is a semester ahead of the other. But we have another math session of games that we do together. I have been using AAS and we like it so far because of the different approaches it uses. 


I guess I am looking for ways to adapt the other subjects to fit their needs. Hmm… I might have to separate them for grammar also.


Thanks for the input!

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