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Resources for teaching / learning Executive Function?

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I have this one, and really like it.  




Note, I have a preschooler and I have only read the general theory and the parts related to young children.  It assumes the audience is a classroom teacher that is interested in implementing Tools of the Mind ideas in their classroom.  But, the entire basis of the theory is developing Executive Function Skills.  

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What are good resources you have found for teaching executive function - particularly for teens?  Either for a parent to read and implement, or for a teen to read and work through himself?

EF as relates to their ability to organize and accomplish their tasks, or EF as it relates to working memory, anxiety, initiation humps, etc.?  


You've gotten some good tips.  Linguisystems has some useful workbooks, and you can do Interactive Metronome work, even just something for free like Heathermomster's protocol over on LC.  Anything you do therapeutically for EF can give you a bump in other areas.  


You can also hire an EF coach.  There's an organization that certifies them.

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