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Bone Chip in Big Toe

Plateau Mama

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Has anyone every had the surgery to have a bone chip removed from their big toe? Was the recovery really as bad as I'm reading?


I went in about 7 years ago for pain in my big toe. I'd always assumed it was arthritis of some sort because it would hurt more when the weather would turn. Long story short I went in and the orthopedist confirmed a bone chip in my big toe, assumingly from one of the times a broke it as a teen.


He told me to have the operation in December when I'd have family around to help. He said NOT to do it in the summer because I wouldn't be ably to walk much on it but if I had it around Christmas I could be skiing by January because the ski boot is as protective as the cast/splint whatever. Well I got pg that nah and could not obviously do the surgery. Then I wasn't willing to do it with a baby/toddler. Also it didn't seem to be as bad.


Fast forward to this week. The pain was so bad I couldn't walk on it and I was nauseous from the pain. So I started looking at the surgery online. It looks like 7-10 days totally off my foot. That is doable. Then it says up to 12 weeks in a boot. That seems insane? How does one do that with children? It's only a toe for goodness sake! For reasons I won't go into I can't really do it this fall/winter. We are looking to do it maybe in Mid July. Will that put me out of commission for the rest of the summer?


Lastly would an orthopedist or a podiatrist be better?

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