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Greek/Latin word roots and bingo; language challenge

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I am working (very slowly, no idea when I will be done) on a DVD version of what I teach for my Spelling and Syllables co-op class, a 10 week class that includes word roots and the things on my how to tutor page.


Most of my written work for the word root portion is done, feel free to enjoy my word root bingo!




It is much more fun to learn the roots if you get to eat small chocolate chips or skittles and use them as bingo card markers.  A caution: a common complaint is that the way the cards are designed, you often have multiple winners.  (They are designed so that every student has every word on their card every time.)  I always tell my students, "It's not about who wins, it's about eating chocolate and learning word roots.  If you like, I can take away the sugar and bingo cards and give you boring worksheets instead."  There are still occasional complaints after that but if you keep repeating it will eventually stop, and no one has ever requested worksheets instead, although I have a stock!  (Marcia Henry's words comes with a CD and allows you to print copies of its worksheets for your children or a class.)


Anyway, part of the program is learning about the differences in word origin, for reference here are the slides from my phonics lesson 27: 




The class will have an in class writing challenge where you have to write one sentence on a similar subject (my daughter would choose lizards, my son Legos) in mostly words of Anglo Saxon origin, mostly words of Greek origin, and mostly words of Latin origin.  (Unless you are really tricky, some of your connecting words are bound to be words of Anglo Saxon origin.)  The class will also have an optional homework project where they submit a paragraph of each language of origin.  


I am having a challenge to write this same exercise with a few books as prizes, details here:




(You can PM me here instead of e-mail or snail mail if you or your children want to enter and prefer a PM.  Yes, I am taking adult entries--it is tricky, it took me a while to do one sentence!!)

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