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Tips for Homeschooling Teens?

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My daughter wants to be homeschooled for high school, I do want to homeschool her as well. She is a precious, hard working, and very helpful girl. My only concern is that as kids get older and develop a more independent personality, there is bound to be difference in styles. I used to navigate through these challenges with a good dose of peace and determination, but since two years ago I've been struggling with health issues that affect my energy levels. A good portion of the time I have to dedicate towards teaching her, goes to address character issues; I feel like the very little time and energy I have should be distributed in a more a balanced way between character training and academics. She loves structures and schedules (everyday she mentally plans out her day), is rather independent and self-motivated in doing her schoolwork.  In as much as possible, I try to have routines in our homeschool (morning devotional, followed by editing/grammar time, review specific subjects in the afternoons). However, I often juggle (teaching three younger siblings, managing the house, etc.); so when I try to help her i.e. understand a particular math problem, discuss a paper, etc. is often not the ideal time for her as it's late in the afternoon.  


For example, the other day my husband stayed home with the younger siblings so I could take her to the doctor. While we were at the doctor's office waiting for him to come, I had the brilliant :w00t: (or not so :confused1: ! as you will soon see) idea of reviewing her essay. To give her credit, she had finished a day at Classical Conversations an hour before. She was tired, but I felt that was such a wonderful (and rare!) time to have a 1-1 discussion, it was so quiet I couldn't resist.  Well, she was a little overwhelmed at every question or comment I made. After reviewing the first paragraph and having encouraged her to relax a few times, I realized this was not working :sad: , so I just said, "Let's stop this review." So long for my ingenious idea!  At her age, having to do this review then seemed like a big problem. I am willing to change to make things smoother, so most of our precious time goes towards teaching/learning in a more positive mindframe and not just to address these other issues.


As you can see, I'm in need of some practical advice/tips on what helps a) A Mom and b) A teen, make homeschool work. 


I so welcome your words of wisdom and advice.  Thanks a lot,



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