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Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book

Lizzie in Ma

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Mother's Day present???? Is it socially acceptable to ask the huuby for one, or is this considered rude? LOL, I think I know the answer to that as I would not be amused if he asked for an Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johanson coloring book for Father's Day!


I shall behave.


I know.  Sometimes I want to display almost inexpressible joy at Hugh Jackman, but then I think, What if dh tittered every time Amy Adams walked onscreen?  So I behave.

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That's hilarious!  Love it!  

My favorite page:


What would you like Benedict to say to you?


And how would you respond?  


My answers:


BC: Darling, I want to take you away and read books to you all day and make wild passionate love all night.  What do you say?


Me:  Let me get my bag.


Now how am I going to top that without plagiarism! Perfect.

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