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I bought my tablet today :-)

Deb in NZ

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After months & months of research & debating about which tablet to get, I finally bought it today.  I wanted one for my up-coming overseas trip.  I leave 3 weeks from today, so was running out of time.  When I got home dh told me that when he checked out lotto tickets this morning he found that we had won almost the exact amount that the tablet cost !   :hurray:   I was having 2nd thoughts about my purchase on the way home, but this made me feel much better about my purchase.  


I spent about an hour in the shop debating between the LG 8.3" G-Pad & the new Samsung 8.4"TabPro.  I ended up getting the TabPro as I felt it was more future-proofed as it was on kitkat & had a bit faster processor.  I'm in the "get to know" stage with my tablet & haven't yet downloaded any apps or loaded on anything.  What apps have you found good?  I was surprised that it linked with my calendar on my iMac as I thought that these 2 devices wouldn't talk to each other at all.  


I'd welcome any advice about getting the most out of my TabPro as I'm a complete beginner with these devices.  My boys aren't much help as they like their iPods, etc., but don't have experience with androids.




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I have a Nexus 7--should say, "had," as it fell off the bed when I flipped up the spread as I was making it (didn't realize it was there) and broke.

So I say get a padded cover!


I enjoy the kindle app, a bible app, youtube and a diet tracker. Sadly, my android won't play some youtube vids, but yours might. 

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