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What have you used to Supplement HotAW? Reading List?

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9th grade son will be doing History of the Ancient World in the fall along with the study guide.  I'm looking for supplement reading materials, literature that she should be reading as well to help round it out. What about Great Courses lectures for him to follow--so glad those are now on Audible?


Thank you.

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I kinda asked this a few weeks ago.  One idea - a discussion group for our 9th graders.  I purchase Spielvogels Human Odessey (I think Lori D. in another post mentioned this, the first 200 pages correspond).  I've also purchased Humanistic Tradition, Vol 1.  Both of these I purchased for the art, side readings, etc. I haven't correlated yet, as I am still finished HOTAW.  FWIW - I had my son read Chpt 1 and the guide book, took about 50 min, so I'm considering 1 hour per chapter and corresponding work in the study guide.  


Im starting a list of movies and Great Courses to add.  It would be great to have a formal list somewhere.  



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Thanks.  I just added the Human Odyssey to my cart. I've seen that one mentioned often.  I tried to do a search, but didn't have any luck, yet I know others must have had the same questions too.  I agree, a master list would be very nice.

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