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Resume for a high school student

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I have a hunch that many of you have experience with your children having to write up a resume for a job or for some activity.  My two high schoolers just started the process but I was wondering if anyone would like to share their children's resume (scrubbed, of course.)


Thank you!

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We have listed volunteer positions from places such as the church, library and the local children's hospitlal. We have also listed level attained in Scouts, and service projects associated with scouts. Other items to list involvement in school clubs, offices elected to and service projects. Accomplishments in competitive setting, being able to advance to regionals or state competitions.


If your child has participated in any scholarships and has been awarded them.


Also, have your child talk to the people he plans to give as a reference. They need to be from various areas of his life, not all from just one aspect of his life.

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Each resume needs to be tailored to the job or the activity for which it is being used. That way, you can include wording from the job listing, or wording from the description of the scholarship, internship, organizational activity, etc. in the "objective", and in the descriptions of what you've done.


- About.com: high school student sample resume, no work experience

Guidance office sample resume for a high school student.

- TG: Adventures in Education sample resume 1 and sample resume 2 and for a high school student.

About.com tips on what to include on a high school student resume, with no previous work experience.

- Study Points: tips on what to include on a high school student resume.

- High School Student Resume Worksheet, also with 3 sample resumes -- 12 page pdf

- The Resume Workbook for High School Students: A Fill in the Blanks Guide -- 32 page pdf



BEST of luck! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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