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Spelling Power....opinions please


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I have 3 kids (ages 13,12 and 9)...and they are ok spellers, but not that great.  We have been using Soaring with Spelling for years...and I am discovering they are just learning the words for the test...and the rest of the work is just busy work.  I don't have a lot of extra time for a super intensive teacher program...but I am wondering what Spelling Power is like.


So if you can share your opinion...good, bad or indifferent....I would be interested.  Especially if it is possible (or not) to intergrate that kind of program with my kids now....especially the 2 older ones.



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I use the lists and have worked up a method that works for our family -highly tweaked.


However, as we go firsts, if I notice issues, I plan to increasingly implement her methods.


Is that at all helpful? LOL. I'm indifferent now, but it is also my go-to plan if we have problems. Ha! This isn't getting better, is it?

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We used it and I liked it ok.



*It's quick with little to no busy work. You do the test each day, they study only the words they miss. Repeat the next day, etc. 

*My kids liked the fact that they didn't have to study a list of words they already knew. 

*There is built-in review so the harder words come up again to make sure there is mastery. 



*I think the instructions and teacher section really make a fairly simple method sound uber complicated. It's really pretty easy to use but she makes it complicated. 

*The "rules" are somewhat arbitrary and I didn't really feel like my kids got a great handle on spelling rules. 


I'm not sure ultimately about retention. My oldest is a terrible speller and spelling was the one subject that drove him to tears regularly. I am also a terrible speller and I think for both of us it's more innate than any particular program. In all honesty my sole goal for him was to get him to where I am: to be able to look at a word and say "that looks wrong, I need to check the spelling." He is a voracious reader and has a great vocabulary so it's really just a spelling block. I finally gave up formal spelling for him and we only do spelling in the context of his writing. When he writes, I circle misspelled words and he has to look them up and rewrite whatever it is with the word spelled correctly. I will tell him how to spell things if he asks so there is incentive for him to ask, look it up and get it right the first time. That system is working as well as any curriculum we used. His spelling is getting better. It's still not good but it's ok. 


My second son is more of a natural speller. The issue for him with spelling is boredom. He hated Spelling Power but he also hated a lot of school this year, anything that wasn't "fun" in his eyes. I finally also dropped it for him for the rest of this year as my goal with him for second grade was more to convince him that learning wasn't drudgery. :)


That's all to say that I think it's an ok program. It's very basic. It's not particularly teacher intensive. You do have to quiz them with the test each day but you only supposed to go 5 minutes or until they miss 3 words so it doesn't take that long and since you have older kids you could even have them quiz each other, I suppose. They are then supposed to independently self-study the words and then do one of her activities. I'll admit we typically skipped the activities as they seemed more like busy work to me. You could absolutely do it with an older child, the lists go up through high-school level words and the first thing you do is give a placement test to see where to start. 

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