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Need Feedback on Writing Projects

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As a little background; we homeschool through a charter, my soon to be 12th grade dd is mildly dyslexic & dysgraphic. I am giving her one writing assignment each month.  This is not the entirety of her Language Arts course, just the major writing assignments.


August- short month/ 2 short assignments- Using the provided templates write a resume and cover letter for yourself for one of the jobs listed or for your dream job.  Using the provided templates write a resume and cover letter for a fictional character (Hermoine, Katniss, Cinderella, Mulan, etc)


September- Review of the basic 5 paragraph essay format- Write an essay about how to maintain a safe internet presence.  How do you use social media wisely?  Is it safe to shop/ bank online?  What should you put in a personal e-mail?  Weekly assignments include:  Thesis & introductory paragraph, Body & conclusion, self-editing & revision, outside editing & revision.


October- Response to Lit- Identify elements of the "heroic journey" of Sir Gawain and another fictional character (Harry Potter, Frodo, Ender, Triss, etc)


November- Required Charter School Writing Sample- The charter school provides the type of essay (Narrative, Compare & Contrast, Expository, Persuasive) and the prompt.


December- Response to Lit- Compare Dickens's "A Christmas Carol"  with any of the many movie adaptations in terms of theme & symbolism.




February-  Response to Lit- Take an online Myers-Briggs personality test, research characteristics of personality types, compare your own personality type with selected characters of Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice."  Discuss literary foils.  Internet research will require MLA style citation & bibliography


March- Timed Essay- She dislikes these very much and needs practice.  We will practice using SAT prompts.


April-Response to Lit-  Here is where I have not decided on the assignment.  The easy route would be compare & contrast the play with the movie.  Another possibility is researching etiquette of the Victorian Era & comparing to etiquette of today (or lack there of.) A third possibility would be to research the etymology of your own name then write an essay about the importance of names, including appropriate quotes from the play.  How important is the meaning of a name?  What importance did the character's in the play place on a name? If you were named after a family member or in a family tradition (this particular second daughter is the third in a line of second daughters with the same middle name) will you continue the family tradition?




January & May do not yet have assignments.  May will probably be a real world application of persuasive writing, like writing a review, a letter to a business or a proposal to teach a class in some area of her expertise.  January will be whatever November is not.  We have covered expository in Sept. and compare & contrast in several months, so January will be either narrative or persuasive.


So what do you think?  Anyone have an opinions about April's choices?  Will we have covered most expectations for 12th grade writing?



Amber in SJ

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