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Dolciani Prealgebra to TabletMath for ds struggling with profit percent

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We are half way done with Dolciani Prealgebra. Ds11 is struggling with profit percent. I am interested in having him do online math and TabletMath will have 50% sale soon for just $50 for a year subscription.

How do you use TabletMath? What's your daily lesson like? How long is a daily lesson? What do you need to buy? Why do you like it? Thanks for your help.

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Hi June, 


I sent you a message but will include it here for others possibly interested.  I think Halcyon may be a bit better judge of this since she actually used both.  Although I own Dolciani we went from straight from MUS Pre-A to TC Pre-A and really liked it... with some caveats.  Its a challenging and somewhat advanced Pre-A program.  So if your ds11 is struggling with Dolciani I'm not sure TC would be the best option at this juncture.  Though it very well may be.  Sometimes all a child needs is hearing another perspective of the same or similar concept.  We actually did this using Khan Academy and AoPS while going through TC. 


BTW, I don't know if you were aware of this.  The TC videos are available for free here:  http://homeschoolmathonline.com/homeschool-pre-algebra/

You can preview whatever section you may need.  I think there is added value to to the full program and a sale is coming up next month for only $50 a course which is a steal.  Whether TC helps your ds with the current area or not is another question.  


I'd check Khan as well.  Take a look at this:   https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-seventh-grade-math/cc-7th-fractions-decimals/cc-7th-percent-word-problems/v/growing-by-a-percentage

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