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Friday's Teachers Lounge 4-18-2014


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Morning! It's Friday!!! Not that that makes much difference in my world because personally I still have a ton of studying and 

paper writing to do. But that's neither here nor there when it comes to the Lounge.


DS and I are about to make a QT run to get coffee for me and donuts for the kids. Then I need to come back and FINALLY finish

my first paper. Ugh. Never had one drag out this long but health dives will do that to you!


What's to eat at your house today? In the Lounge today, there is some grilled chuck steak I can heat up for you, if you'd like. And one

lone organice bartlett pear that is looking for someone to love it. But that's about it. SO glad today is pay day!


Schedule for the weekend? here: drama for DD this aft, maybe date night with DH. Tomorrow errands and studying. Sunday, church and lunch at

sister's. Family game night Sunday night.


BUT best of all, in about 3 weeks, I get to go see my BFF in a cooler climate! Woohoo!

We might even visit the Rocky Mountains! My heart's home is there!


Talk to me! :bigear:

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The good: DS broke the TV :) I feel a little bad for being happy about it. I'm going to make a shrimp/egg/veggie stir fry for dinner tonight. There was leftover soup for lunch.


The bad: housework & trying to reach someone I hardly know. And I'm not ready for Easter.


The ugly: I made DS try the first section of the Iowa test, and he was not pleased.

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Dealing with dd being sick today - not sure what is going on but she has a high fever. So we are sticking close to home, and all our weekend plans got cancelled. I picked up the last of the bunny basket stuff last night while running to CVS for meds for dd. Not everything I wanted to put in it, but oh well.


To eat today: Quick fixes for me, soup for dd. And probably leftovers.



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Hi ya, Scrap!


Breakfast was oatmeal and eggs.  Lunch will be a salad of some kind or perhaps some leftover black bean soup.  Dinner - working on that right now but I haven't totally decided.


PT today.  My pain has gone from an 8 yesterday to a 1 today, so that is good.  I hope it stays that way.


Tomorrow dd has her first 5K training run with her running club.

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Sorry to hear about all the sickness! Made me wonder how DD is going to do AFTER this next upcoming week.

Think: Production Week: 3 4-5 hour dress rehearsals plus four performances, M-Sat of next week. I will not be expecting her

to be capable of doing much of anything the following Sunday or Monday. I will definitely let her REST and decompress.

Praying she does NOT get sick!


Jean, hope your PT goes well, without causing you pain!


I'm not ready for Resurrection Sunday, either. I always like to do something special for the family (small gifts or something)

but it snuck up on me this year. We'll see what I can whip up!

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