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So Happy to Find This Forum!


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I have a current fourth grade at a private school. We'll be homeschooling starting next year. We grade advanced him over 1st grade and he's excelling in everything. He currently goes up to 5th grade for math.


I've been particularly concerned about math for next year, and I'm coming back soon to ask questions of you all! Just reading through some threads, I've found some math curricula that I wasn't familiar with and see that I'm not the only one who has a young kid ready for pre-A/Algebra. It's such a relief to meet others with similar kids.


Look forward to meeting you all more!

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You also aren't the only one who's afterschool supplementing, there are a couple of us not home schooling. :) Welcome to WTM!

Thank you.  I'm very excited to start homeschooling next year, and I'm going to have a ton of questions for you all...but today, I'm supposed to be packing to leave for Disney!

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