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Civics/Government Suggestions

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This will be for our transition year (I know I've said it a billion times already) before 9th.  I'm letting dd take some charge in some subjects that she would like to learn more about.  Civics...government was one that she would like to dive into.  She is finishing up with American History in the next month so it might work nicely for her to move on to civics.  She has been listening to a lot of talk radio, mpr, current events, etc lately.....here I thought I had a "nurse at heart" on my hands but it looks like her interests are growing in politics....goodness, help me....let this be a phase!


Anyways, I do not want something that will take all year....or have to be done everyday.  I guess you'd say this would be an elective.  It's possible to just have something that she can read throughout the year and watch some videos off of Discovery Education.  We plan on doing some civic related field trips with homeschool group.  **She already has Middle Ages on her plate and DIY Geography.**


I was looking at CTT and Intellego.  And then there is this book and this book.  


Has anyone used one of these and can give me a pretty accurate review on how their child's lessons went?  We aren't crazy about reading from the computer, but we may give it a whirl anyway.  


Thanks for listening!

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One of my friends suggested a book called "For You They Signed," about the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It looks to be conservative Christian in nature, but I'm not necessarily opposed to that, and digging into what made the men decide to sign sounds like it would be interesting.


Other people here suggested looking into the questions that are on the US citizenship exam, and that looks like an interesting prospect as well.


For younger kids, someone here recommended this: http://bensguide.gpo.gov/files/Ben_Activity_webversion.pdf

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The Uncle Eric books would be easy to slip in wherever you have a hole. "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy," "Are You Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?" and such.

I do have the Penny Candy book with workbook..... I forgot about it! I'll pull it out to see what she thinks!

Thanks for the reminder!

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