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So excited-complete change for next year!


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I feel like I can take a breath, because my plan is finally in place.  And, after years of trying to fit my dc into using the curriculum that I love, I'm finally picking something that I think will work best with their learning styles.  Goodbye to my beloved HOD & MFW (for now); and all in one just doesn't seem to work for us. :( 

Here it is:



History: MP Stories of the 13 Colonies & the Great Republic, Everthing You Need to Know About American History (with Artner's American History), VP History Cards & Mem. Cd, plus SL books


Science:  Apologia Gen. Science for dd, BF History of Science for ds


Math: MUS, LOF, Khan Academy


Writing: IEW Teaching Writing With Structure & Style and US History Based Writing (for dd), Wordsmith Apprentice for ds


Grammar:  R&S Eng. 4 (ds) IEW Fix It for dd


Latin:  Lfc


Spelling:  Spelling Power


Misc. Lit. Guides (Queen's, MP, VP)


God and the History of Art


CLE Bible Light Units


Coding for ds-Khan Academy & Codeacademy


Drawing Lessons for dd


Handbook of Nature Study-Outdoor Hour




I think that's it!  Of course, we will do mini units on things like we always do, and go off on the bunny trails but at least I feel like I have a solid plan that I think we can stick to.  Relief. :party:








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:hurray:  :hurray:


I'm still trying to figure out our plan. You give me hope that it CAN be done!

I can't believe I finally got it together.  It took me a loooong time, with lots of research, prayer, and reflection.  Dh is probably happier than I am-he won't have to listen to my lamenting or look at anymore "samples" of curriculum. :D

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