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If the ACT writing portion did not go well, would you do it again on the next one?

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Ds took the ACT last week and I am in the process of signing him up to take the one in June, as well.  I am trying to figure out whether or not to have him take the writing portion again.


He said that he saw the prompt on the April test and froze a bit.  It was something like "Evaluate and discuss the considerations high schools have to take into account when deciding whether or not to engage in field trips for high schoolers."  Uggg.  My homeschool boy said his mind went blank and he knows he did a very poor job on that prompt.


What if he did awesome on the multiple-choice part of the test?  Is there anyway to send just that portion to a college?


Should he try the writing portion again on the June test or forget about it?  He has in no way narrowed his college search so he does not know if the colleges he wants to apply to will require the writing portion.

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I am worried about this as well.  My daughters did not do the writing portion the first time they took the ACT.  I was thinking it would only be a good idea if you knew your student was a strong writer.  My girls are not IMO.  But... I was looking at one of our university's (Auburn) checklist for prospective freshman, and this was on the list: 


"ACT and/or SAT scores submitted directly from the testing agency (including the writing score)."


I am not sure if I am understanding it correctly, but it sounds to me like Auburn is requiring the writing portion in order to be considered for admission--unless they are referring only to the SAT??? 


I would say check with the college's requirements.  I am going to have to make a phone call, I guess, just to be clear on this.  I feel like I am going to have to make them take the writing portion next time just in case it is required.  I wonder if most schools are requiring it.

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I found a list on the college board site of colleges by state that stated whether they required, recommended, or did not require the writing portion.  The problem is, ds has no idea where he wants to go.  At this point, I am thinking he had better take it again, just in case (and to get a better score no matter what). 


Hopefully, the next one will not be some sort of prompt that has to do with social media, video games, or public school concerns.  My ds has limited experience with all of these.

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If possible, can your son do some timed writing prep prior to the test? IEW has a dvd set for this.

We took a Bravewriter course on timed writing, and it made all the difference in the world.  Bravewriter has a class beginning May 12.

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