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patting myself on the back


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for getting so much "stuff" listed on craigslist.

homeschool stuff, furniture I no longer need, stuff my daughter left when she moved out . . . .   I love getting rid of stuff.  I've a friend who said you spend the first five years of your adult life/home ownership collecting stuff, and the rest of your life trying to get rid of it.  that about sums it up.


I cannot believe some people. on a brand new listing. I had one person who offered my half what I was asking for something, and then as though it was a foregone conclusion, tried to set up a time to pick it up. I do one thing with those types of e-mails.  delete.  another wanted me to cross a toll road to bring it to her.  Maybe I should have increased the price for delivery?  nah - she can't afford me.


but taking pictures, taking measurements, going up and down stairs, and making detailed posts.  at least I can keep the post and just copy and paste to put it in a different section.  all after having a third injection into my knee on Monday after injuring it . . . I'm pooped.  and my leg hurts.  and I have to get dudeling to scouts in an hour - and deal with that fit. . . . .

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