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So, what is exactly NEW in the New Sonlight Guides?

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I am still considering many options for next year, and having never used Sonlight, I am wondering if any of you avid users know what exactly they changed in the new guides?  I see alot of talk about wanting specific editions, but what are the main differences?  I'm not a fan of purchasing new, it just hinders our budget way too much.  I am considering Core H for our 7th grade son.


Thanks so much for the help!

Kriss Spencer



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They might change a book or two, and maybe rearranged the IG. For the most part the age of the IG doesn't matter unless you get an IG from the really early years {like ones from the 90's}. While it might not have exactly the same book list as a current one - it's still great to use.


That being said - there are some folks {myself included} who actively prefer the older guides. I have some from 1998/99 that are my favorites because they are less biased that those made today. After 2005 the IG's that I have looked at seem more religiously biased.

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