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Wednesday's TEACHERS LOUNGE 4-16-2014


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The Lounge is OPEN!


Seems I need the Lounge on the most frustrating of days! Hoping your day is much less frustrating than mine!


Every time I sit down to do school work with my 9yo son, you'd think his world was imploding. Every.single.time.

Other than some sensory issues and being gifted linguistically, he doesn't have any special needs. That I'm aware of.

Maybe I'm missing something. But it's annoying and frustrating!




what's your weather like today? It's in the 70s here today. All too soon it will be BEYOND hot!


Does anyone have any gluten free yummy snacks on hand? I'm thinking cookies or muffins! Just need some comfort food

and can't have gluten.


Anyone taking time out today to PLAN something? I really need to. Trying to figure out when to plan my planning! :P


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Hi ya, Scrap!


Morning showers, 57 degrees.  But at the moment it is just gray and dreary.  I expect a raven to come knocking at the door any minute.


I have some uncooked corn tortillas.  You grill them yourself and they are so yummy and toasty esp. if you make them into a quesadilla or something.


Feeling totally overwhelmed.  Thanks for asking.  



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This is my day.   :willy_nilly:  :banghead:  Redirecting everyone back to something productive is beyond annoying and taxing today. And everyone seems to need me at once. 


Sorry, you sound to be having the same kind of day, scrapbookbuzz.  :grouphug: 


Weather: We woke up to a few inches of snow.  :cursing: It is starting to melt, but we have massive flooding everywhere because all of the other snow just melted. And then it rained all day yesterday. 


Snacks: We are going to have some applesauce bread in a few (once it thaws). It has gluten though. 


Planning: So desperately need to do some more planning so that we can finish up everything I want to get done before the end of our school year. Maybe I can grab an hour tonight after everyone is in bed...We shall see. Sometimes I am just spent at the end of a long day and have no mental energy left for planning...


Is it bedtime yet?  :tongue_smilie: 


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Hi! On the topic of your son, ds has been much more trying in homeschooling than dd ever was. Part of me wonders if it is because dd went to school K-2nd grades. Ds is more whiny than dd, though, so it might just be his personality. I have had better results lately because I let ds start school at 10 so he has time to play and do what he wants before he has to start his work. I like my time to myself in the morning, too.  Today he didn't get that because I took dd to enroll for dual enrollment, and my daddy is here and took him into town. Ds has been difficult ever since we all got back. He has had much more difficulty falling asleep lately, too, so that may be part of it. I hope you will find what works for both of you! 


Weather: It is in the upper 50s and sunny. It's really a beautiful day. 


Snacks: Nuts, almond butter, apples, grapes, stuff like that. I could make you an apple sandwich my kids love: Slice apples across the round part making a big slice (cut out any seeds or tough middle) and spread peanut butter on one slice, lay a slice of cheddar on the peanut butter and cover with another apple slice. 


Planning: I find something to at least think through just about every day. I LOVE planning...often more than the actual implementation of the plan, though! YIKES!  If the planning will only take awhile, I will do it after everyone else is in bed. If it's a major project, like a preliminary plan for our school year, I take about a week in the summer where dh takes to the kids to do things or makes sure they don't need me. He's a teacher and has the summer off. I go through all of our curriculum and schedule out the number of chapters or units to be completed and how long it takes to do it. I try to match up topics with any curriculum that is flexible. 



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It's been an okay day here. DS has been mostly compliant with his schoolwork, so I am grateful. 


I have a full afternoon of not-fun planned: 

a trip to the pharmacy to get an rx filled 

talking to a dr. office about a bill that is incorrect 

continue to unravel the hospital bills - we have one line item that is under appeal and it's a mess

cleaning out my closet 


I'm hoping that all of that will get done before dinner so that I can get some quilting done tonight. We'll see! 


Maybe I should eat the rest of the chocolate ice cream to fortify myself before tackling the insurance issues. 


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My day is alot like  :smash:  :banghead:   :scared:  :banghead:  :blink:  :banghead:    


We started out with school that no one seems able to concentrate on.  So I decided today would be a good day to clean. Hey if you don't want to do school work then you can deep clean your room  ;)


So far kiddos have been cleaning but sure are taking a long time and are saying "all done" when 1/2 the room looks like it did before they started  :toetap05:

I have gone to the attic looking for shorts for ds2.  While up there found a mess that "helpful" people made when they took stuff upstairs after Christmas  :thumbdown:


I think I will go fix a pitcher of margaritas and go hide out somewhere.  :cheers2:

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