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My head banging moment today

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I was doing math with my 9yo today. She had a two step word problem which had been a struggle but now she's great at (Yay!). She got to the 2nd step and needed to divide 48 by 6. She decided to set it up as a long division problem. First she said the quotient was 1 (6 won't go into 4 and it will go into 8 1 time). Then, when I reminded her of how to divide she said 6 went into 48 nine times and she got frustrated because she couldn't subtract 56 from 48. When I asked how she got 9 and 56 she said because she divided by 5 and then added 9. HUH?????? Just when I think we're making progress.....




Anyone else have a head banger that will make me feel better?  :tongue_smilie:

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Yes, but I don't want to go into details because I'll just end up banging my head again. :tongue_smilie:


However, mine was just thinking about other things while pretending to be engaged in school which results in excessive amounts of time spent writing, erasing, and rewriting complete gibberish. *sigh & deep breaths*

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Sounds totally familiar. Just remind her that she learned the multiplication tables just for times like these. No need to get all confused (she was thinking on a higher plane...she'll be great at higher math)....just do the simple thing. It's great that she is mastering the story problems. My son is doing much better at them since I taught him to ignore the names of the people and most of the extraneous information....Eduardo had sixteen toy cars....Jillian had a jumprope that was eighteen feet long....this is "fake" math diguised as being "useful".... :drool:

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