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anatomy and physiology course over 2 years

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My teens want to earn credits for a series of health care services high school electives our province approves of.  The problem is the distance learning center they do some of their course work through does not offer these courses so I have to figure it out on my own.  There are outcomes to be reached for each course, but ultimately it comes down to a study of each topic (which I will list shortly).  Each "unit" is counted a separate 1 credit course here (1 credit = roughly 25 hours of teaching time), I have only looked at the 10th and 11th grade list of courses, there is more for 12th but we will cross that bridge when we get there, with the right A&P course most of the grade 12 ones would be included.


Although most good biology classes cover some A&P it is not the full extent that these need to be.  SO I need ideas of a decent A&P course that is suitable for high schoolers to work through.  Keeping in mind these will be counted as a science elective, they already have a science curriculum to do and are doing Environmental science from oak meadow (holt) to cover a series of environmental studies electives they also want.


So the "units" to be covered over the next 2 years are:

musculoskelatal system

digestive system

respiratory system

cardiovascular system

nervous system and senses

endocrine system

urinary system

infection and immunity (there are actually 3 levels of this- 2 at a 10th grade level, 1 at an 11th grade level)

pain and pain management


It does not have to be 1 A&P course only, I am willing to use different materials for each particular study.  They can be studied in any order as each is individualized study


So what are your favorite resources to cover this material?

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Okay I think I have figured out what we are going to use for the A&P portion but I have a follow up question.  I need to find a resource to use for the infection & immunity credits.  Do you know of a good high school level microbiology resource?  I saw genesis of germs on RR but while parts of it sound neat I do not agree with the premise of the book that viruses/infections etc are a result of the fall.  I need a proper scientific resource to teach this, creationism is one thing but that is just taking it too far imo.  

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