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Kindle Fire HDX? or maybe an ipad...


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I've always had a laptop with microsoft operating system and we have NEVER had an apple product in this house, so the idea of integrating an ipad and its file types with what I already do does not appeal to me.


My parents want to buy me an ipad for my 40th, but want my opinion.  I am leaning toward a Kindle Fire HDX 7".  Especially since my laptop is falling apart from being dragged everywhere, and might last another year on lighter use. 


Mostly, I do the following:


Facebook with occasional posting

This site with occasional posting

My lesson plans in excel - I would be OK with just being able to view them and not necessarily edit them

Waste time reading a lot of useless new stories :)


I would also like to be able to skype, which looks possible on the HDX

I would like to be able to take limited notes while I read.  I don't know if this is possible on either device IF I am reading on the device at the time?


We are Amazon prime members for the next 8 months anyhow...don't know that we will continue.


Questions: My biggest concern is that I keep hearing the kindle is poor for typing.  How is the ipad better for this besides being larger?  I know the Kindle can view microsoft.  Can the ipad?  Can I actually use word or excel on either device?


Thanks!  Brownie



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That's about what I do on my Fire HD (not X - 8.9") except taking notes while reading because I just don't do that.  Actually, I don't read (books) on my Fire.  I prefer my Kindle for that.  I'm assuming people say the Kindle is poor for typing using the digital keyboard.  It's not horrible, but it's not fun either, but I think that about all digital keyboards.  Swype makes it easier.  But the HD and HDX have bluetooth, so I have a bluetooth keyboard and type on that most of the time.  It works great.  I type a lot on it, actually.  I have an office suite that I have used a tiny bit.  I'm not sure if it does excel and word, but I think so.  I know I've created spreadsheets and wordprocessing documents using the app.  I don't really have much use for it on the Fire personally, so it's not gone beyond just playing with the app for me.

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