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Sharing a kudos!

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This goes to one of my public school lads (not my son - sort of like one of "my" Hive kids, but this one is one I know well from where I work).  If it bugs anyone to read of a ps high schooler, then it's time to back out of this thread... ;)


Anyway, Aaron Gehart just WON the USA Today Most Inspirational High School Athlete of the Year!!!


He's a SUPER nice young lad who I've had multiple times in class including one of my long term assigments.  


Those of us on here are parents who try to do our best for our kids.  Aaron didn't have that.  I get inspired by those who do well in spite of losing the birth lottery (in a way).  They also give me hope for our planet. Right now I'm beaming that our school and community got behind him and helped him win.  Small towns can apparently do that!


Considering we all share the planet - know that there are inspirational stories out there... and kids living those stories:




And if nothing else... if you feel the need to "stalk," you now know where I work... ;)

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What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing!!


I should probably add that if one is clicking on the link expecting to see a Top 20 College essay/biography, you'll be disappointed.  Just take a minute to consider Aaron's history though (as written) and realize we got him in high school at a VERY low level academically (below our "low" level classes actually).  He has come a long way and has always been super respectful, pleasant, and fun to be around - that goes for everyone from peers to teachers to even subs.  He found his academic ability just like he found his track ability, but neither turn out to be "top" overnight.  He works hard at both - and would be the type of person I'd give high marks to if anyone hiring asked.


To me, that's what's most important. I'll take someone like him over someone with oodles of talent, but questionable people skills any day.


He has another year with us - then hopefully college.  An athletic scholarship could be his financial ticket as he doesn't have one otherwise.  His spirit of "never give up" will carry him on.


And our world will be better.


Meanwhile, hug your kids and be glad they have parents (adopted, foster, or otherwise) who care.


Then be glad the public schools we all pay taxes toward can have some decent success stories too.

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I haven't posted here in years, but when I saw this, I just had to respond.  My boys have been running with/against Aaron for the past 3 years, and he is a nice kid.  What an inspiring story...I'll be cheering even more loudly for him now.  If you see him, tell him that the Gatchells' mom says congratulations from the other side of the county.

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If you see him, tell him that the Gatchells' mom says congratulations from the other side of the county.


Message delivered.  Aaron told me he knows your boys... ;)


I asked him what it was like being famous.  He said "It's been different."  


Being the center of attention certainly is different for him, and it's not just in our school, but a good bit of the community (newspapers) and region (TV news).  Spirits all around are higher.  It's a nice change of pace from all the bad news that more often hits the airwaves and print.

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I've rushed to more than one meet just so I could be there in time to see Aaron run the 3200 (the first event in a track meet).  I have a soft spot for kids who are willing to work hard for their goals, and Aaron struck me as one of those kids even before I knew his story. 

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RE: the essay.  Grammar can be improved... easily.  Character, determination, and inner strength are things that come from within.  He's got them all!!!


:iagree:   I just didn't want people thinking that's a typical essay that would come from a top "academic" junior in our school... ;)

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