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Does anyone do SOTW-light?

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I ordered everything with Ancients, but basically we are just using the textbook, and even that is neglected much. We do do a lot of reading that goes along with the chapters. History has worked better via field trips and unit studies and such, and we are just not enamored of the ancients. Further, he won't color and I won't mummify anything, so...


I am thinking of a different approach for the fall--Anyone does the lessons as "assigned reading" that their child does independently, and then you also assign a book/documentary that corresponds, and then discuss? Would you consider that too light for 5th grade?

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I didn't get the acitivy book for SOTW 1 because I didn't like the activities in it, but we love the activity books for the rest of the SOTW books.  I have all the Learning Through History Magazines, so I took ideas from those and came up with some of my own. We made cyclindrial seals, we watercolored domesticated animals and group them into 2 categories: animals that we eat, animals that help with work.  I made up a simple trade game but you could do something similar with the Jr. version of Settlers of Catan.  We made maps using Mapping the World with Art.  We read the Ludmilla Zeman Gilgamesh trilogy.  We made clay pots. 


Seriously, you should consider mummifing the chicken.  I think most kids get a big kick out of it. You can branch off into science with it by studying germs and decay and having an unmummified chicken to compare it to.

Also, many people consider the strictly chronological ordering of readings in The Ancients to be scattered and disorienting.  Some of us regroup them by region/people group and do each group chronologically as its own unit.  We introduce Greek word Roots (Rummy Roots) when we get to Greece and Latin Word Roots (also included in Rummy Roots) when we get to Rome.  We order in silworms when we do Ancient China.  There are lots of things out there to do that are more interesting than coloring pages, but you have to look for them.  The local library usually has activity books for Greece and Rome.  The internet has lots of ideas.

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