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BFSU versus CPO for life science in 5th grade?


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Has anyone done any comparison of these two? I have benefited greatly from redsquirrel's thread on CPO, but was wondering if there are any similar reviews of BFSU?

For reference, I am an attorney, not a science gal ;) I want and will do it all, dissections and everything, but I need a fair amount of handholding/steps spelled out for me/explanation of what I am supposed to be seeing.

Any thoughts/links to old threads would be welcome!

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Well, I am planning to do a bit of BFSU along with CPO during the middle school years. That is what I have done during the elementary years, so why not?


BFSU is split into 'threads'.  I should add that, for me, this is part of the crazy making part of BFSU. Anyway, when we do CPO life science I will work through the life science thread (I think it is "B"?) where it fits.


I will then work in the other threads where they fit as well. This is going to be one big experiment because I didn't use BFSU with my older kid. My younger boy really likes it so we'll see how it goes.

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Thanks so much. I have not used any real science curriculum thus far (well, Galore Park Junior science, but I view that as more "science skills" versus real science, as we do not do many of the experiments. I think I will take the summer to plan this out, with materials and everything. We did just get a new microscope.

Can I ask, how do you schedule the units (i.e how long do you take per unit), and is the materials list that you end up needed for both curricula unwieldy? I would love to schedule it in units, so that is we take a trip or whatever (we do this a lot), there isn't much disruption.Thanks again!

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