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AAS Users--What does a typical day look like?

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Hi Everyone,


We are getting ready to start AAS 2 after completing AAS 1.  When I finish something I like to look back on the year and analyze what things worked and what I need to change.


SO----When I look back on AAS, I can see that it would have helped if I did two things more consistently:

1)  daily review of previously taught/mastered words, and

2)  daily dictation phrases/sentences  (instead of saving them all up for the end of the week.  lol)


In order to accomplish those two goals, I need help structuring my lesson.  How do you do the review or dictation parts of the spelling lesson?  Do you do these on paper?  On a white board?  etc. 

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We typically stay on a lesson for a full week, unless it's super easy, then we may do two in a week.  But a typical week for us goes like this:

Review cards in the review sections (daily)

Review a couple of words in the mastered section (daily)

teach the new lesson & spell the words with tiles (Monday) -- my middle kiddo doesn't use the tiles as often, so we skip this sometimes

spell the words on paper (Tuesday)

phrases (Wed)

dictation (Thursday)

dictation (Friday)

writing station (Friday)


We alternate between using the white board and using paper.  For awhile we were only using the whiteboard, but my kids were getting really sloppy, so we went back to paper for a bit.


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Guest UrbanHomeschooler

We are finishing up AAS1 with my 6 year old, and I love the flexibility of the curriculum. We generally spend less than 10 minutes a day on spelling so each step takes around 2 weeks. This includes a bit of review (I think we don't do quite as much review as AAS recommends) and several dictated words or phrases. We switch between whiteboard and paper because I don't like generating so much paper :)

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I have not been very consistent using the review cards so I am listening in for ideas.


This is what a typical day for AAS looks like for us....  I get out the board and set up the magnetic tiles. We try and complete 1 whole step/lesson on monday, if it is a really long lesson I spread it over two days. Then after the lesson I read the words in the word bank to my Dd and she writes them down.  We are currently using grade 3 ZB lined paper folded in half.  With the paper being folded in half it usually leaves enough room for all of the word bank words, and most if not all of the "more words" for that step, as well as about 2 or 3 review words from a previous lesson.  So she writes a total of 18 words a day.  I then have her turn over her paper and I dictate three of the sentences to her.  We had to work up to this.  In 1st we did three phrases.  In second we did 2 phrases and 1 or 2 sentences.  And then in second (because the level of AAS no longer has phrases) we do three sentences.  On either thursdays or fridays I have let her do the writing station, she loves doing this so to her it is a treat.  We usually spend a whole week on one step.  I have her write the spelling words on paper everyday as well as 3 dictated sentences.  If the step is more of a "review" step or a particularly easy step than I may do two steps that week.  I don't ever purely "test" her knowledge of the spelling words. What I mean by that is I read them to her and she writes them down.  If she writes one incorrectly I make her fix it.  I first have her read it and see if she can figure out whats wrong, she is usually able to correct it just from that.  If she can't then we may review the rule for the word.  If she is really stumped I help her figure out how it needs to be fixed (this is pretty rare), and I make a note of the word that it needs extra review.  My reasoning for doing all that is I don't want her to incorrectly write a word and think that it is correct and just move on.  I want the correct word practiced.  I don't know if that makes sense.


I am not very good at using the cards for review, or following the suggested review schedule.  So here is a review schedule that I made up that makes more sense for me.  This schedule will allow me to get to some of the overlooked sound cards and phonogram cards.  This schedule won't work for everyone, but I thought I would share in case it is helpful for anyone else.  Keep in mind I have not started using this schedule yet so I may end up tweaking it a bit.  We just finished up AAS3 so I am planning on starting this with AAS 4.  I purposefully made monday the heaviest day so we get it over with and friday the lightest so we can drop it if needs be.  Here it is...


Mon: New Lesson, do the 10 word bank words and 3-5 words under "more words", review 3-5 previous lesson words, review Phonogram cards (orally), 3 sentences on back

Tues: Word Bank, more words, Review a few previous lessons words,  Review Key Cards (orally), and 3 sentences

Wed.: Word Bank, 2-3 "more words", Instead of reviewing previous lesson words review Sound Cards (Dd will write these on the paper), 3 sentences

Thurs: Word Bank, Review a few previous lessons words using word cards** (I usually just flip back a lesson or two in the book for review, but this would force me to review words from lessons further back that we may not have done for a long time as well as some trouble words), Writing Station

Fri: Word Bank, more words, Review a few previous lessons words, and 3 sentences


**Sometimes for reviewing words for previous levels instead of using cards I have copied the index of words in the back of the book and just read words from that list and mark them off as we have done them.


Hope that helped :)

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