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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Clean kitchen

Laundry - finish sorting laundry.  Wash and dry load #1.  Wash and dry load #2.

Bring up two loads, fold and put away.


Ds - online class

Dd - math and new reading book esp.

Print out stuff for psych.

Write letter to Mom and Dad


Clean out refrigerator - a job I've been meaning to do for 3 days now.

Dinner?  Do I have any chicken downstairs?




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Good morning! Daddy arrived safe and sound last night in the midst of our rain. Hubby is off to work with his breakfast and lunch in tow.


I'm waiting to hear from a cousin who lives not too far away. We might go visit her today since Daddy is here. We'll still have to squeeze in school work. Dh's last day is May 23rd, so I really hope we can be finished by then. I'm not sure, though, on a couple of things.



coffee and computer time

breakfast for the rest of us

ds school:  Awana, history, writing, math, grammar, science

dd school: Chemistry, Alg 2, history, lit


laundry (just one load)


watch something or play a game together




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Good Morning.....


It's pouring down rain here and I'm very unmotivated so far today.  


To do:

  • plumber coming at 9am to fix hoses for refrig
  • dentist for ds and myself--cleaning
  • hit the bank and cash a check
  • figure out something easy for dinner
  • school

Have a nice day everyone!


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Good morning everyone!

All my morning chores are done.


Need to drag Rowan out of bed to go get bloodwork for specialty lab, just finished filling out the forms.


Need to call Dr. re a prior approval on one of her meds and see how things are going on the port procedure front.  They don't open til 10am though.


Out of coffee and popcorn so need to run to the store.


Get ready for biology tutorial tomorrow.

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It is 6 am here and I am in a world of hurt.  My sins?  Vacuuming on Sunday and then taking the laundry down to sort last night.  Last night I got so bad that I had to get dh to finish taking stuff down for me because I couldn't hardly talk any more due to pain.  I have PT today.  I'm curious to get their take on what is wrong.  They can't diagnose, but they can observe if certain muscles are tight etc.  I stretched and stretched and stretched yesterday. And last night I kept waking up in the night and stretching to try and relieve the pain.  You can see how well that worked. . . .

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Good Morning, Girls!

I am staying home today, that's for sure!


** clean out some of the kitchen cabinets

** organize school stuff

** make a plan for the last 8 weeks of school

** work outside a bit

** finish laundry


Hope you all have a good day!


Jean, hope you feel better! Don't over-do it today!

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Jean,  :grouphug:


I must have fluid in my ear because I'm having trouble hearing out of one of them, there's some ringing, and when I turned over a certain way this morning in bed, I could hear my heart beat like a tiny hammer on my ear drum. Hopefully the decongestant I just took will take care of it. 

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Good morning! I have a calm day planned here. Ds1 and dd1 went to am practice and ds1 is taking everyone this evening (all at the same pool, woo hoo!) So I have literally all day in my house, except for ds3's physical this afternoon. I am going to clean some things and read. Oh, right, do school with kiddos and write up ds1's final exams for his last two classes. And I am going to quilt when they are gone and probably make dinner.


Have a great day!


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We have snow. 


Lately we have had to many things to do and not enough time.


But with a few exceptions most of those things were optional. :) 
Dh bought a new board game the kids are loving, even Youngest is enjoying playing it. Mix that in with enjoying the nice weather (Well except for the snow today) and the days just aren't long enough. 


ETA: In case anyone wonders the board game is Pathfinder. I don't recommend it. My boys have unique board game tastes. 

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Ds' school work is done. I've made out a schedule for the rest of his year. I think he'll be able to get everything done that really needs to be finished. He'll do a little math and grammar over the summer. I'm hoping to start our Astronomy study in the summer, too, so it won't matter if we are up late seeing the stars. 



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Julie, your anti-recommendation made me laugh!



We are by most people's standards a huge boardgaming family. So I have to note that when talking about the games my boys are liking. 


Before playing Dh read the rule book outloud. Then read the errata rules out loud. It took about 3 hours. Then we played a game. Then they spent about 2 hours rereading parts of the rules and referring to the errata and looking up clarifications online. 


I think this is it from boardgame geek:



Note the recommended age is for 13+

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