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Printable cheat sheet for fractions?


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I am wondering if there is anything online that I can print that shows the different steps for working out different problems in fractions. I really think my dd needs an easy to follow list of the steps and I don't want to  have to make one up. I don't want anything really long, just notes on what steps to take. So, first you add the whole numbers together. Second you find the common denominator. Etc, etc.



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Thank you. I will take a look at that.


Posted on the learning board:


Thank you for the feedback. I actually sent an email to the writer of her math book (since I love the way the book is written) and they offered to put together something for my dd. :hurray: The writer thought that it was a great idea and felt that others might benefit from it as well.


I will update when I have more info... :)

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