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Duke TIP Geometry?

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My 6th grader is finishing up Jacobs' Algebra this year, so we want him to move ahead with Geometry next year. I'm considering the Duke TIP course, and I'd like to know if anyone has used it. I bought Jacobs' Geometry AND the Jurgensen text the TIP course uses.


The TIP course is appealing, because I'd like to have a little more interaction with him on the topics. When I tried working through the Jacobs lessons with him, it was just kind of annoying and slowed him down, but now we have very little interaction, except for corrections, so our interactions are frustrating.


Basically, I'm leaning toward TIP/Jurgensen, but I'd love to hear other options. He needs something that is challenging and proof-intensive. He doesn't have trouble grasping math concepts at all.



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Another option is AOPS "Introduction to Geometry"


http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/School/courseinfo.php?course_id=intro:geometry .


24 weeks, starts this summer and fall.



This is the most challenging of our Introduction series of classes. We recommend that students complete our Algebra 2 course, or are able to pass the Algebra 2 post-test, prior to taking Introduction to Geometry.

Diagnostic tests: We recommend trying the following tests to determine whether the class is appropriate for you:

pdf.gifAre You Ready?
pdf.gifDo You Need This?



Actually, it is also recommended that students take the other AOPS courses first (Intro to Counting and Intro to Number Theory), not because they are the prerequisites for geometry, but because they help students mature.


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We used Jurgensen geometry, not via TIP but with a private tutor. It was a fabulous intro to proof intensive geometry for DS. He might not have been ready for AoPS at the age that he took proof-heavy geometry via Jurgensen (9yo) but if we had done it at 11-12yo I think I would have gone with AoPS instead (for the added challenge). You don't have to do the class if you are using AoPS. You can use the book and accompanying (usually very detailed) solutions manual. AoPS books are usually self-teaching but if you are able to handle the math and can work with your child, it could be even better.


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We're doing AoPS algebra now.

One of the things I've been most pleased about the texts is that every time I've paused and commented to my son, then as we read on, they make almost the exact same comment within a few pages.


There have been very few things I've disagreed with in their approach. (Currently it's showing a check of an equation in a later stage of the problem rather than in ONLY the original.) I've been a lot crankier with other programs I've looked at.

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