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History curriculum for 5th grader

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Hi everyone, I'm brand new on the board and fairly new to homeschooling. I have a 10-year old, 4th-grade son who has been homeschooled for 8 months.  He completed a U.S. History textbook this year, and it went pretty well. I wouldn't say he loved it, but he didn't hate it either. We mostly relied on a textbook, but we did some supplemental work as well (such as interviewing a World War II veteran and watching several World War II movies).


I'm thinking of having him tackle World History next year (in 5th grade), with an emphasis on ancient civilizations. The book I'm considering is called "World History." It is published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. It seems like a fairly standard text. 


Our schedule will probably look something like this:


Monday - off because my son will attend a home school academy

Tuesday - read one section of the textbook

Wednesday - read one section of the textbook

Thursday - read one section of the textbook

Friday - watch a documentary to supplement the book.  Hopefully this will result in better retention of the material we are covering.


That's three sections of the book per week, so we'll finish the book in about 6 months -- time to spare.


Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Any problems or pitfalls I should be aware of?


I also have questions about other subjects, but figured I'll start here. Thanks!

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Giving you a bump!


I've not used the textbook in question, but just looking at it on Amazon I see that it is recommended for grades 6-8. I'm wondering if trying to cover three sections per week might not be too much for a 5th grader?


Are you sold on a traditional classroom text? If not, check out the Ancient History section on Rainbow Resource. There are tons of great products on there, both secular and religious. I'll include a link:




Hopefully someone who has used that textbook will chime in and actually help you out! :001_smile:

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