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CD/Online based curriculum for ADHD child?

Guest janine_hs

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Guest janine_hs

Has anyone used a CD or online based curriculum for an adhd child? My son who is 8 (2nd grade) struggles to stay on task and gets sidetracked very easily. I find it really difficult to teach him all the things he needs to learn each day. I am just wondering if anyone has had success using a computer based curriculum that contains all areas of study with someone who has ADHD.


We do use teaching textbooks 3 and he seems to enjoy that and do well. I think it is because he knows what to expect. He knows how long the lectures are and how long it takes him to do the problems so he just gets it done. If I start doing things that he doesn't understand the expectations of, he gets bored, complains, fights me and then it takes twice as long to do anything. OR...we both get frustrated and we just might abandon for the day... I really want to keep homeschooling but it is becoming very overwhelming.



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For various children in our household I'm using...


Dreambox Math

Explode the Code

Fascinating Science

Happy Scientist

Switched on Schoolhouse

Brainpop, Jr.

More Starfall.com 

Always Ice Cream/Clever Dragons

Coursera lectures

lectures from The Teaching Company

Tablet Math Class

Khan Academy

JumpStart/Math Blaster

Veritas Press' self-paced history



several different art classes



Artes Latina



My one child in particular gets off track easily.  It works out much better for he and I if he does Explode the Code online so that I can just verbally remind him to stick with it rather than having to sit next to him and watch him dawdle through a workbook.  My oldest hates busy work and review.  He couldn't stand the token system used by Explode the Code online because it was hard to get the highest token.  He also got frustrated with Click n' Read because we had to listen to the characters tell the same joke every single lesson.  He does better with Switched on Schoolhouse and Tablet Math.  Both of those programs present the information and then ask the student to answer questions- very cut and dried. 

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I've known a couple of families who have used some Time4Learning during rough spots with kids that sound like your ds, who just happens to sound a lot like my youngest! She isn't interested in online things, but she really needs to know what to expect in her academics and cannot deal with long explanations without becoming super frustrated. We just do things that can be done quickly and do it pretty much the same everyday. It works better when she can get time in on things she enjoys before school work and take breaks in between the more demanding work, for her, math and writing. This translates into a long school day with lots of downtime, which is not exactly my preference but the best option under the circumstances.

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I've done time4learning with mine some and it has helped, but my adhd one loves workbooks so I tend to get more stuff for her like that. I've had to play around with different curriculums to find a good fit for her and they weren't my top choices, but they work for her:)

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