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Foreign Language Choices...Looking Ahead

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I don't really have to deal with this problem just yet...I'm looking ahead. But, it's one of those situations where I'm just not sure what I would do. My younger daughter (5th) has been learning French along with my older daughter. I assumed that I would have to split them up at some point, but that has not proven to be true. She's actually kept up very well. I'm predicting that, at the rate we are going and the work she will be doing, she will be finished with Breaking the Barrier 1 (just getting started with this but we have been using the books from Nallenart too) by the end of 6th grade. Technically, completing all of L'Art de lire, which has 6 levels + the 9th grade program L'Art d'ecrire would count as 1 year of high school French. I'm not even going to count it as French 1 until they've finished Breaking the Barrier 1...or most of it. I'm still not sure how to split this up, but I was trying to be conservative to be correct. If I have her work on Breaking the Barrier 2 in 7th and maybe part of 8th and then Breaking the Barrier 3 in 1/2 of 8th and all of 9th, then what should she do for 10th-12th?  I've read in more than one place that completing all three levels of Breaking the Barrier would actually equal 4 years of high school French.I'm already planning on using books in French, watching movies in French and adding dictation and written work. (And yes, I may look into getting a tutor at some point too...finding one and handling the expense may present some problems...) Sorry, this post is not well-thought out. I'm curious what others do for foreign language work for someone who started it much younger. Any suggestions? Also, how will this work as credits on her transcript?

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My DD started French in 6th grade. She had a semester at her German school, then we continued with a self study course with book, workbook and CDs, grammar workbooks, books, and a weekly lesson with a private tutor. Her tutor judged that for 9th grade she should receive credit for French1. In 10th grade she started taking classes at the university and placed into French 2. She received credit by exam for French1 from the university.



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Thank you regentrude. I should just let her keeping working at this at her own pace and then when we get to the end see where she can place at the university?


That was the option for us, because we did not make adequate progress with the higher levels without consistent instruction by a proficient teacher.

For right now, I would simply keep going and then reevaluate where you stand at the beginning of 9th grade. Your experience may be different and you may be able to progress - we just were not and had to outsource.


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