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Can I recommend a cool BBC series, The Green Valley?


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I LOVE finding these gems on the internets.  This series, which features some of the same folks who pop up in other BBC shows (Victorian Pharmacy, etc.) takes place in 1620, on an old farm located in Wales, and shows in half-hour episodes a full year of life as it was on the land back then.  I am up to episode 9, mid-summer (show starts in the fall of the year) and LOVING it.   Many of my ancestors "crossed the pond" in the 1630s, so I imagine their life was a lot like this show.


I now know how to thatch a roof,  make coal, build a hedge fence,  and re-build a privy ;-) among other things. 


The "actors/curators" do everything in period clothes, and while they admit in the first episode that they were not allowed to actually sleep on site, for the rest of the series that fact is not referred to again, and for the sake of the show they act as if they really are there 24/7. 

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Thanks for sharing the link.

Our family has loved this series.

Thankfully, it focuses on the actual skills and tasks . . . with NONE of the emotional baggage that comes along with the PBS reenactment/reality series like "Frontier House" or "Colonial House".


There is a second series, "Tudor Monastery Farm" as well, with 2 of the same actor/curators.



Enjoy it with the whole family.

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If you like these shows, you may also like a doc on Netflix (if it's still there) called Happy People: A Year in the Taiga. It isn't historical, but features a Russian people living off the land, making skis, hunting, living deep in the woods - that kind of stuff.


I'm in the middle of watching this and it is good.  Love most any documentary Werner Hertzog does.

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YouTube - someone has uploaded them from BBC.  I like how at the right of the YouTube page will be a list of similar videos...I find more stuff that way!


I am watching some bits of a baking show (not British Bake-Off, although I LOVE that one, too) but something where they look for the best bakery in Britain. 

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