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World in Ancient Times (OUP) - what else is as engaging?

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Dd11 is more than halfway through this series. I see that they have a Medieval and Early Modern World series. Is it good also? Anything else for history? We also have Joy Hakim for US history that she will start working on after she finishes this set.

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We have used Medieval and Early Modern World series this year and we've really liked it; it is very bit as good as the Ancient World series. I wish they had a series for the Renaissance; I'm on the look-out for what to use next year.

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And when your students are older, look for the "Pages from History" series from OUP. The series is based on primary sources. Dd has been reading through the US-centric books as part of US History this year.


Here's a listing from OUP http://global.oup.com/academic/content/series/p/pages-from-history-ph/;jsessionid=A8F2524E0718C8D12619455F0A958179?cc=us&lang=en&


Our library carries this series as well as the World in Ancient Times and Medieval and Early Modern World series.

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