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Need conceptual help with poltical cartoon assignment (Romeo and Juliet and Street Fighting)

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Most obvious subject I see is that of gun control - programme took the side that carrying weapons inevitably leads to using them, and pro-carry advocates argue otherwise. Also have ridiculousness of fashion, in that carrying deadly weapons was a fashion statement.


Any of that help?

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Yes -she ended up drawing a boy who had been killed w/rapier and someone telling his mother "I'm sorry for your loss but thanks to the new law of 1562, your son was killed by a rapier that is less than a yard in length."


She had to do three others

One was about Elizabeth and the Acts of Treason laws where it was illegal to discuss who might be heir. She drew Elizabeth holding a piece of paper in each hand. One said Anne and one said James. The Caption was "Eeeny Meeny Miny Moe. Ask me again and you'll be my foe."


One based on The Prince by Machiavelli and she chose the part about dealing with reality instead of ideals. She has Uncle Sam driving down the road with buildings and signs that say things like "War, Poverty, Crime," etc and he's singing "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" while looking at a land of rainbows, peace signs, etc.


Another was supposed to be a drawing to use as propaganda for a government pamphlet using Martin Luther's "Against Murderous, Thieving Hordes Peasants" as a primary source and she drew the Devil leading peasants on the revolts w/ the devil quoting something from the primary source."


They were all extra credit but she always does every extra credit. It was quite a stretch to "apply" concepts in this manner.

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