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National Latin Exam?

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7th grade and up. Foundations is for middle school Latin courses designed as an intro, and after that they're numbered. They can provide evidence of completion of high school Latin, as well as awards for high scores. You will have to have someone outside your family proctor the NLE. There is a similar test called the Exploratory Latin Exam for grades 3-6 (3-4 does a core, 5-6 adds another section of questions). The foundations and ELE syllabus are very similar, but the foundations exam adds a bit more grammar.


She also may enjoy the National Classical Etymology Exam in the fall, which focuses on Greek/Latin etymology. It is designed for high school students, but there is a division for middle school and below. Students who have taken Latin or Greek are divided from students who have not. It is given onlinmi, and again, you need a non-family member to proctor.


We do exams requiring an outside proctor at the public library-the librarian is considered acceptable for those purposes and as long as we avoid a day/time she has storytime for the little ones, DD can sit in their office and take the tests.



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You will have to have someone outside your family proctor the NLE.


Actually, that's not true. The NLE states in their tips for homeschoolers, "The homeschool teacher or parent MUST make arrangements for someone other than the Latin teacher to administer the exam. The exam administrator can be the other parent, a neighbor, etc., so long as that person doesn't help the student(s) taking the exam." (Bolding is mine.)


Speaking of NLE, have people gotten their results yet? I can't remember when they were sent last year.

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