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Story of US (concise edition) or American Odyssey for 6th grade?

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My ds will be in 6th grade next year and we will be studying American History.  We're both very excited about it, but I can't decide whether to go with the Story of US or American Odyssey.



My older daughter has been using Human Odyssey for her world history and I really like it - same authors/publishers as American Odyssey, correct?  I haven't seen the concise edition of The Story of US, but really liked the 11 (?) volume version - although it's wayyyy too much.  Another thing is that my son does much better with worksheets and directed questions in history, ala K12. 


Any thoughts or advice?


Thank you!!


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I have both American Odyssey and concise Story of US here, and I also have HO1-3. Between AO and Story of US, I'd suggest Story of US for a 6th grader.

The reading level of AO is advanced and dense, even compared to HO3. K12 uses AO in high school (10th+) and Story of US in 5th & 6th grade, and I can clearly see why when I compare them.

ETA: Since your DS likes worksheets, you can get K12's student & teacher guides for Story of US. As far as I know, those don't exist for AO. I believe AO's related resources are online through K12 only.

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TarynB and Murrayshire, thank you so much for that information!  That's exactly what I was looking for.  I don't want to frustrate ds with the reading and he does really like those k12 student pages. 


One more question: did I see correctly that k12 does American History in 2 years?


thanks again!

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I would use The Story of US for a 6th grader.  The American Odyssey is definitely a high school text.  There is a huge difference in presentation and reading level between HO1 and HO3.  The American Odyssey is beyond HO3.

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