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As a teenager in highschool, I was assigned an internship with a dental office in my town. It was a program where I went to highschool half a day and interned the other half in a field of my choice. So, after being there a few weeks, I was actually offered a PT job as a dental assistant but answered to the full time assistant. My career goal was hygienist and I was supposed to still be given observation opportunities with the hygienist. When I started on payroll the lead assistant started sending me on random errands like buying food at drive thru, buying supplies like air freshener, toilet paper, etc. She was always getting me out the door. Finally, I was frustrated and put my foot down and insisted that when I wasn't assisting, I wanted to be observing the hygienist. She was livid. Next thing I know, I'm fired. It was so ugly and sudden and since I was 16, my Dad arranged a meeting with the dentist to make sure I hadn't done something really awful (I was in trouble at 14 for sneaking out and drinking. No trust there yet) so the dentist only told him that "I" knew what I did and I had so much potential but threw it all away. That's all he would say. No details. I was clueless and thought I'd just pissed off the wrong person and shrugged it off.


Fastforward to present day: dentist is in jail for an illegal prescription drug scheme. Mastermind was the dental assistant! !! She handled it all, exchanging drugs and money, giving scripts signed by the dentist that weren't patients, etc. Deposit fraud. Years worth of accusations.


Now I wonder what exactly she told him I did. I wonder how she manipulated him in all of it. It did state that she was charged with blackmailing him about something. It was one nasty tangled mess of drugs and theft.


Thank goodness I was fired!

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