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CP: Advice for paperless student planners using Google calendar and Evernote

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This is for rising 10th grader who NEVER uses her paper planner. She stays on top of online classes, but gets behind in my syllabi.


1. Categories for Evernote notebooks?

Make a new notebook for each class? Include syllabus, notes, papers etc.

2. Weekly to-do notebook?

Mon-Sat notes inside notebook for to do lists?


All due dates, tests, extracurriculars in Google calendar...


I really want her in a paperless system to integrate between phone, tablet (in case of e-texts) and laptop by college.

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I am doing some classes with Evernote this year.  I'm sure there are lots of ways to do this, but here is mine:
I have a total of four notebooks:


Three private notebooks, with my lesson plans for each subject (named: "Geography 2013-2014", etc.)

and one shared notebook, named "Studentname 10th grade"


In my subject notebooks, I plan for the year.  There is a unit "checklist" and extra pages of handouts, etc. as needed for that unit.  I use "create note link" to tie them together to the checklist page.


Only the unit or lesson she is currently working on is in the "Studentname" notebook.  The rest of the year's stuff says out of her way.  As she finishes, I move the pieces back to the subject notebook, so I can possibly reuse the stuff with her sister.


My reasoning:
1. She doesn't need to see half-finished plans

2. She doesn't need to be overwhelmed with the whole year, just what I want her to focus on


ETA: She takes the units and puts them into a to do list herself, using the Istudiez Pro app on her ipad.

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