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Prayers and good thoughts please! (house related)


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A year ago we found the perfect house. Unfortunately, it was 50K out of our price range, so we just sighed and decided it was God's will that we stay were we are - in our lovely, albeit small, cottage style home in our amazing neighborhood.

The other day, by pure chance, my husband and his friend (from work) drove by the dream house on their way to lunch. It had a for sale by owner sign in the yard (it had been taken off the market). My husband called the number and... the man had dropped the price by 50K!!!! Exactly where we needed it to be.

We had only seen pics of the inside, so we went to visit yesterday. It's perfect. Amazing. Five bedrooms, four baths, over 4500 square feet, fully finished basement, new kitchen, new hardwoods downstairs, new carpet upstairs, master on main and a master on the second floor with the other bedrooms, den, formal living room, dining room, beautiful deck, and on half an acre!

The owner is a lovely older Iranian man with three children of his own, all grown, and is trying to get rid of the house just to be rid of some family fueds over it (extended family wants him to "gift" them the house).

When we asked him (not really expecting him to agree) if he would be willing to take a "good faith" check, and a written offer, contingent upon the sale of our current home (not a huge deal, as we live in a very desirable downtown area, and the homes go within weeks - generally speaking)... he said yes! He told us to talk about it for a week, he'd hold off formally listing it, and to get back with him next week, if we were ready to proceed.


I have nobody else to tell, so I'm telling y'all, lol. Even though the house is more than twice the size as our current home, the utilities are lower (I guess because our home is so much older), the mortgage would be the same every month (even though we'd have to switch back to a 30 year, at least until DD is done at her current school and we're no longer paying that tuition). The owner customized the house to his own three children, so it's perfect for our family size!


If it goes through, we'll be thrilled. If not, I'll try not to be too disappointed, knowing that obviously God wants us to stay where we are (and really, we ADORE our neighborhood and neighbors, so we wouldn't be entirely heartbroken). This house would be such a blessing though. Currently we have no clue what we'll do once the boys outgrow their toddler beds, as there is NO room in their bedroom for bigger beds - it really is a typical downtown cottage and adding on would price us out of the neighborhood and wouldn't be a wise financial decision, considering we never really know if DH's job will require a move in the distant future.


We'll be spending next week scrubbing and getting ready to list our current home. We recently replaced all the windows, the roof is new, we put in gas logs, and the gas cook top is relatively new... so we feel pretty good about our asking price, but can't really go much lower.


So... prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated :)

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