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Happy Mother Alert


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I'm happy to announce my dd has moved out of her boy friend + his fathers house!  Happy dance!  Suddenly she has more time to chat with her siblings and her parents and since she owns the internet no one can tell her to get off any longer!!!!  The conversations are much nicer and this momma's heart is soaking it all up!  I'm also happy that she's not under their control any longer.  I'm hoping and praying that she'll continue to be safe in this new home and that God brings her a job so she can stay there long term.    She has money to stay there until Sept.


Happy Dance.


Is it totally bad of me to send a message via facebook to the older woman she is rooming with that I am very happy she is there?  Forget it, I'll behave myself!  But if that lady ever friends me, I'm sooooo friending her back! LOL



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