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If you were to logic stage again, what would you do differently?

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I don't know if this is of much help, but in retrospect, one thing I would do differently would be to focus more on writing--and be quicker to ditch writing curriculum that wasn't working well or taking my dc where I wanted them to go.  I see you are using WWS1.  I wish WWS had been available when my dc were in logic stage.  From what little I've seen (I used some of the preview lessons of WWS2 with my younger child when she was in 10th gr), I think it would have been effective for both of my dc.  My older child used Writing Strands, which was too slow moving and not a good fit for him, and my younger used IEW, which was good, but she latched onto and went wild with the stylistic techniques.  :tongue_smilie:   As a result, neither dc really learned to write a decent paragraph with good content and a logical flow until much later in high school.


One thing from those years that worked well and I would do again:  Rainbow Science for science--it was engaging and excellent foundation for high school science.

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Many things, but I will post just one:


Complete most of the progym before high school.


Since posting just one thing on a do-over list is like eating just one potato chip, here are two more:


Recognize early that a math curriculum is not a good fit, even it has worked beautifully with other dc, and find something else.


Use Dena Luchsinger's "The Reader's Odyssey" with reluctant readers.

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Focus on paragraph development earlier. As we went through the logic stage with my oldest, I worked on paragraphs within longer essays. However, this year, as part of a TOG history discussion group, he had to do one paragraph a week. We worked hard on those paragraphs and, lo and behold, all his paragraphs across the board (in longer essays) became stronger. I would have said I was doing this earlier, but really just focusing on one paragraph with no intro/conclusion/other paragraphs yielded the biggest rewards.

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I would focus on organizational skills in addition to academics. Keeping work for each class in order. Turning work on a schedule. How to study. Managing long term projects.


I have a gifted kid with executive function deficits. I knowing worked on this stuff. I feel like he did t get it, but maybe that's him not me.

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