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Best text for me to re-learn Latin?

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I had 5 years of Latin, but it's been a long time and I need to study in order to be able to teach my dc as they get older. 

I have a year at least, DD has done SSL and will do GSWL this coming year.


Should I just jump in with Wheelocks?  Or should I use a text my children might use? 

Anyone who has done this or is doing it, I'd love hear your experiences!


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I really like Learn to Read Latin, by Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell. I haven't had time to work through more than a few chapters yet, but it is extremely thorough and well thought out. (There is also Learn to Read Greek). There is a text and workbook, and you can get an answer key from the publisher. Wheelocks would be fine too. I don't think you'd need something before it.

For reference, I took through AP Virgil in high school plus an additional semester of literature in college. I've been able to keep up with the kids so far, even without the refresher. The refresher has been working along with them! And my memory is not so great, and my last latin class was over 20 years ago...I would definitely need to study more as they get further along though.

Hope that helps!

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