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Another Circe Question

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I'm fairly new here and don't know where to begin, especially since the conversation has been (apparently) going on for a time and has spawned many long threads.  What would be the best way to learn about Circe?  I am actually using LToW but have never really looked at their website for anything outside of LToW.  I can find the "About" section of their website easily enough but am not sure what audios or other resources to look for (their "Resources" area seems pretty large and I don't know where a beginner should begin).  Any help would be most appreciated :-)

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Visit their website. That would be a good place to start. It's a good website and there are a lot of resources.


Sorry to not have been clear.  I went to their website but am not exactly sure where to start in the "Resources" section.  It seemed a little overwhelming to me and I didn't know what to listen to/watch first.

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