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Questions about LCI


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I am doing my planning for next year.  My second grader completed PL this year and it went really well.  I am using LCI next year, but it definitely looks more involved!  How do you implement LCI?  Can you share how many days a week you do it and what you cover each day?  I'm trying to figure out the best way to implement the program.  I won't be doing the Famous Men of Rome with it this year so I don't need to worry about that!


Also, I started learning Latin myself with First Form I and then went into Henle I.  I really don't like the different types of notation.  It was hard for me to learn the Henle notation after working with First Form.  Is it easier for a child to transition between the two types of notation? I'm just not sure why the don't use the same notation!!!  Part of me wants to correct the whole book.

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