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stupid chemistry question : )

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I haven't had a chance to read LoriD's chem sites yet.  (Thanks Lori!)  The answer might be there and eventually, I have to wade through the material and figure it all out (when my headache goes away), but in case someone can give me a simple answer to this question, I thought I'd ask now.  It might be such a stupid question that there is a really simple answer...


If I fill a jug with hard tap water, it has a certain buffering capacity, right?  It tries to return to a certain pH when a base or acid is added, right?  If I replace some of the water with distilled water, will that make the water stabilize at a different pH, or will it still try to stabilize at the same pH as before but just stabilize less strongly?



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I asked my husband, as he's the one that knows about chemistry around here. He says that although hard water does have some buffering capacity, it isn't really all that much. So, yes, adding distilled water will make it stabilize to a different pH, but he it thinks it wouldn't really be a noticeable difference.

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